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About the National Recruitment Line

About National Recruitment Line

The National Recruitment Line provides an innovative solution to the UK commercial driver shortage. Our mission is to get people back into the driving seat. We are creating a service to connect professional drivers and employers in the most efficient way possible. Drivers register their details and we connect them with vacancies to match. The National Recruitment Line have the backing of a number of major UK haulage fleets, and key industry influencers, including the Freight Transport Association (Skills Working Group).

About the National Recruitment Line

Ross – Logistics Specialist

The National Recruitment Line is the answer to many challenges my logistics clients face – finding and retaining talent is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses across the UK. The National Recruitment Line offers my clients a new way of working together to address the industry issues.

Tori – Just Filters Ltd

The National Recruitment Line has helped us find drivers in our hour of need and reshape our recruitment practices. The idea of working together with other businesses to attract new drivers to industry really stood out to us.

Carl, Logistics Consultant

For many years, the logistics industry has faced problems with attracting young talent to the industry and holding on to the existing workforce. The National Recruitment Line service is great as it acts as an intermediary between forward thinking fleet owners, helping them to work together to solve the driver shortage.

Andrew, QTR Transport

This is the solution I’ve been searching for across my 15 years in logistics. The National Recruitment Line isn’t a magic wand, it’s a tool for us to use to find drivers who fit with our values – our efforts, combined with the passion and knowledge of the NRL team have helped us to make huge progress with our recruitment of drivers.