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Our mission is to put Drivers Back in the Driving Seat.

We're Better together

Experience tells us that having permanent members of staffing driving you vehicles brings numerous benefits: reduced bent metal costs, increased service delivery and better control over your fleet, to name but a few. The team behind How's My Driving are bringing their 25 years of experience in logistics data management to help provide a new solution to the driver shortage.

Fleets display our nationally recognised "National Recruitment Line DRIVERS WANTED" badge on their fleet as a consistent pathway to roles for qualified drivers and those looking for new opportunities within driving. Our website will give drivers a consistent point of contact and is live 24/7.

If you believe that permenant drivers are the solution to your fleet needs - contact a member of our National Recruitment Line team today by emailing [email protected] or calling 01480 47917.

Price plans

NRL membership includes:

  • Access to our database of drivers within a 15 mile and 30 mile radius of your depot
  • Free customisable job board postings featured on our website home page
  • Nationally recognised “Drivers Wanted” stickers for your fleet to advertise in areas you operate
  • Support and advice on industry best practice for recruiting and retaining drivers
  • Boosted social media job adverts, targeted in your area
All of the above, and many more benefits, come at the value of £40 per month, on a 3 month contract – no hidden fees.

All prices are ex VAT - Minimum term contract 3 months - Discounts available for longer term contracts.
For enterprise packages please get in touch.

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For more information on how the National Recruitment Line can benefit your business, please reach out to our service team at [email protected]

About the National Recruitment Line

Ross – Logistics Specialist

The National Recruitment Line is the answer to many challenges my logistics clients face – finding and retaining talent is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses across the UK. The National Recruitment Line offers my clients a new way of working together to address the industry issues.

Tori – Just Filters Ltd

The National Recruitment Line has helped us find drivers in our hour of need and reshape our recruitment practices. The idea of working together with other businesses to attract new drivers to industry really stood out to us.

Carl, Logistics Consultant

For many years, the logistics industry has faced problems with attracting young talent to the industry and holding on to the existing workforce. The National Recruitment Line service is great as it acts as an intermediary between forward thinking fleet owners, helping them to work together to solve the driver shortage.

Andrew, QTR Transport

This is the solution I’ve been searching for across my 15 years in logistics. The National Recruitment Line isn’t a magic wand, it’s a tool for us to use to find drivers who fit with our values – our efforts, combined with the passion and knowledge of the NRL team have helped us to make huge progress with our recruitment of drivers.