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Truck Driving

Truck driving – every little 'boys' dream. Seeing the world (or at least the highlights of Britain!), being your own boss – having your own corner office and literally being paid to stare out of the window.
The dream job, right?

The National Recruitment Line make time regularly to get out into a selection of the UK's finest truck stops, rest areas and parking layby's to engage with drivers. Over the cold months, our team have been up and down the country spreading cheer by handing out flasks, hats and even playing Chess (well, a quicker version called '5aSideChess').

We shared conversations with truckers from all over the UK and asked them: 'What got you into the driving seat?' A selection of answers were given; from the typical 'I just like driving' to 'I was born into it', 'I'm a third generation trucker' and 'I love the freedom of the role'.

Not all the conversations are so positive. Across our 'tours', over 85% of drivers commented on the lack of parking and convenience facilities, and every driver - without fail, mentioned the increased volumes of traffic on the roads and the growing pressures on meeting tight delivery schedules. Lots of our discussions with drivers follow the path of how working conditions and office management affects their wellbeing – with a number of drivers being vocal about how 'good management will keep drivers loyal to a company longest'. A positive company culture, an awareness of driver's wellbeing and a recognition of the stresses and strains of being on the roads in such large vehicles goes a long way towards keeping drivers in the driving seat.

There are a number of tools and campaigns supporting driver wellbeing – one to highlight is the 5aside Chess 'Check on Ya Mate' tour currently navigating the UK. This tour is aiming to highlight the need for connection between human beings in order to address the increasing number of suicides in the UK relating to social isolation and loneliness.

The National Recruitment Line are here to support fleets and managers who need help addressing their staffing operations – whether it is support to retain talent or attract talent, we can help you deliver best practice. If you want to know more about the NRL or any of the campaigns discussed in this article – please reach out to [email protected] or via Linkedin.

09 April 2019