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Industry News and Campaigns – July 2018

July has been a month full of “hot” debates fuelled by lengthy Brexit discussions, new regulation launches and temperatures of over 30 degrees across the UK. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest news:

Permits and Trailer Registration Legislation (Brexit)

The government has introduced the Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill as part of its preparations to ensure the UK can deliver a smooth and orderly Brexit, as we move from our current membership of the EU to our future partnership. The bill will allow the government to operate a permit scheme for international road haulage for whichever journeys may require permits and introduce a trailer registration scheme to allow UK trailers to be used freely internationally.

Further Details Here.

Access to Welfare Facilities now on HSE radar

After a long-running campaign spearheaded by Gill Kemp at Truckers Toilets (UK), as well as the Unite union, the HSE said its guidance will now state: “Drivers must have access to welfare facilities in the premises they visit as part of their work.”

Unite national officer Adrian Jones said “If employers continue to refuse our drivers access to toilets we will pursue them through all avenues open to us, and that will include naming and shaming companies that deny drivers the right to spend a penny”. Kemp of TTUK described the news as “excellent” and added: “Things are beginning to move in favour of the drivers at long last.”

Find out more here.

She’s RHA and Creating Inclusive Culture Partnership

She’s RHA has partnered with diversity and inclusion specialists Creating Inclusive Culture (CIC) in line with a new, wider focusing strategy. She's RHA mission statement is: To support, encourage and empower a network of industry individuals of all ages and skill sets to create and promote a diverse and inclusive transport community.

She’s RHA Founder Lesley O’Brien states ““The road to diversity and inclusion starts at the top (of an organisation) and we need to incorporate this into our recruitment and staff retention strategies (across industry) to address our skills shortage.”
Find out more here.

A special mention this month goes to Gillian Kemp who has spearheaded the Truckers Toilets UK campaign, mentioned above, for 6 years to improve the life’s of truck drivers across the UK – with the HSE now leading change in getting drivers access to toilets, Gillian is shifting her focus to the broader issue of Public Toilet access across the UK – follow her updates here.

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28 July 2018