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Fish in a new pond

The ongoing driver shortage is by far the most significant challenge facing the road transport sector in 2018 according to the findings of Paragon Software Systems’ annual UK customer survey. Almost half of all respondents cited lack of drivers and other skilled workers across the industry as the biggest barrier to success (1).

Looking in the right place?

“We realised that the pond we were fishing (for talent) in was diminishing so we decided we needed to fish in a new pond,” said Crewe based, Expert Logistics Managing Director Dave Ashwell. “The only long-term solution to the driver shortage crisis is for the whole industry to combine its efforts to increase the pool of available drivers” (2).  

There’s a shortage of people willing to work in the sector rather than a shortage of people with the right qualifications and licences claim the House of Commons transport committee. Their report concludes the apparent shortage will get worse unless action is taken to improve retention and increase recruitment.

A fresh way of thinking – The NRL Way

“Driving roles must be made more attractive: shift patterns need to fit with the demands of modern life, wages must reflect the rising cost of living and pathways to industry must be simple and affordable for younger candidates” states Tom Footitt of the National Recruitment Line.  “Businesses have been reluctant to introduce younger drivers to their fleets due to the perceived risk and increased insurance premiums. The National Recruitment Line and How’s My Driving teams’ are working closely together to provide robust solutions to address those risks and introduce sustainable talent solutions to our clients.”

Candidates who are role searching with the NRL are typically new entrants to industry, some hold licences without a DQC and others have left industry, but have been enticed to return by the roles we’re promoting which offer favourable pay and conditions.

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28 August 2018