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The National Recruitment Line has a mission to get people back in the driving seat. We help shed light on areas within the job which could be adjusted to make it a more attractive career option.

On our travels we've met Gill Kemp from Truckers Toilets UK, whose focus has been to improve and increase access to welfare facilities for HGV drivers.

Kemp founded TTUK after overhearing two female professional drivers talking about the problems of finding toilets on their rounds.  After some research, she realised HGV drivers in particular had a real problem in finding facilities; Their heavy, large vehicles weren’t being catered for in terms of secure parking and this considerably reduced their access to convenient toilet facilities.

Kemp had experience in Law and Media but was new to the haulage industry. “I had to gain the trust of drivers.” Kemp said. “And then build up awareness of their issues. One of the ways I did this was to ask for driver interaction on the TTUK Facebook page.”

Once she had the drivers’ input, Kemp brought the issues up with haulage associations, wrote in journals and gave talks around the country.  In 2013, Kemp’s efforts developed into a regular, monthly newsletter, which continues to be available to TTUK supporters.

In the five years since her fight began through TTUK, Kemp has raised the subject with MPs and has helped to form a working collective that includes the Department of Transport, Unite and the Road Haulage Association. The collective focuses on improving facilities for HGV drivers.

“We are pleased that the HSE is updating its guidance to include the fact that drivers ‘MUST’ be allowed access to a toilet at the companies they visit during their rounds,” Kemp said. “After seeing these types of results, it’s really important to continue to raise awareness and work to improve access to facilities whilst drivers are out on the road.”

TTUK is a great campaign, which the NRL believes is tackling a vital issue; continuing to raise the profile of drivers being better cared for, so that the UK workforce continues to re-establish itself and attract new drivers into the industry.

Kemp said TTUK’s number one focus for 2018 is “Highlighting the health issues that drivers face if their welfare facilities aren’t up to scratch or available at all.”

The National Recruitment Line is part of the solution: giving drivers, new talent and those who want to re-enter industry a platform to set out their wants and needs. Employers using our system will be leading the way, targeting candidates with shared values. We aren’t recruiting … we’re pairing perfect partners.

Want to find out more about the TTUK campaign? Visit the Facebook page here.

26 March 2018